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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My very first blog

The following is what I wrote for my first journal entry.  I'm sure my blogs won't usually be like this, but this is a start for me.  Enjoy.

8/18/2011  Pipestem Reservoir, Jamestown, ND

2446 miles traveled so far.  It has been very good going.

Right now I'm sitting near my tent (its first usage) overlooking the reservoir.  To the left the summer sun is still up in the clouds, but its rays of light are beaming downward in a way reminiscent of Caspar David Friedrich.  To my right, a tiny gopher is nibbling at something in the long grass that surrounds the lake.  In the distance, thunderheads are swelling and threatening rain.  The locals say this is a nearly nightly ritual.  Indeed, the rivers and any low patches are brimming well beyond historical norms.

Almost no bugs, but the dragon flies are ubiquitous.  Truly an idyllic scene.  Unplug the ears though and the stacatto of target practice and the drone of a model plane drown out the crickets.  Still, to have found this place at all where the only charge is getting here is very satisfying.  Let it continue thus!

I drove from Minneapolis today.  The ride took me through the slightly rolling farmland of central MN and then the flat landscape of ND.  Everything is green and seemingly fruitful.  Wisconsin seemed the same yesterday.  Driving is pretty unremarkable.  Due to the my concerns about oil loss (just interrupted by a salvo of three shots almost overhead and landing in the water beyond me - the guy shouted an apology after my complaint), I've been limiting the speed to 60 - 65 mph.  The bike is running well and its oil consumption seems to have lessened somewhat.

Boredom hasn't really been an issue.  I observe things, make puns from signs and license plates, sing and whistle songs, etc.  Changing seating position is important.  I'm frequently shifting and I often crouch to reduce wind resistance.

(A while later): Just went for a walk.  Met the shooters.  The boys came over to apologize.  The western sky has cleared for a lovely sunset.  It's quiet now.  Dew is already forming on the rainfly.

Today's epiphany:  Upon taking out my tent, I found the quick-dry, no-stink underwear I thought I left behind (I had bought it just for this trip) either in Germany or St. Johnsbury.  I had packed them in the tent I would not forget them.  Brilliant.


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  2. Sounds perfect (besides the gunfire). Keep the updates coming! We're all thinking fondly (and enviously) of you!

  3. Hey, you're really doing it! Bad ass! I'm thoroughly impressed.


  4. I find it comforting to know that I'm not the only one who loses things by packing them in special places.